Simple solutions for complex tasks.



Our diversified team with backgrounds from the gaming & movie industry, some with university masters and others with +30 years of experience fill our lab with curiosity and determination building simple solutions around visual experiences focused on the user.


We built a simple solution for NORDEA BANK to attract clients to their stand at a trade fair.

NORDEA wanted to demonstrate the atmosphere of their trading floor in Copenhagen, and to communicate the bank’s identity and wide range of products to the viewer.

We chose the standalone VR approach used in the OCULUS GO head-mounted display to show a 360-video from the trading floor with integrated questions and answers in a gaze-responsive fashion, so that viewers would receive new information depending on where they looked.

We prioritised stability and ease of use to give the operators at the stand best possible success rate, and the viewers an accessible and memorable experience.

The client said:

"In VRinspired, we at Nordea Markets found a partner that inspired and guided us as we took the leap into augmented and virtual reality.

The benefit to the customer is always in focus for Nordea Markets, and VRinspired took this to heart from the very beginning of our collaboration.

Project management, quality assurance and practical implementation has been impeccable throughout our collaboration, and has already resulted in several successfully delivered VR videos.

Our first project with VRinspired resulted in a VR video that was shared with over 400 customers at a European event. The delivery was flawless and the support throughout the project deserves the highest praise.

For Nordea Markets, it was an easy decision to continue cooperating with VRinspired, and to use this new technology in more of our engagements with customers and stakeholders".

Nordea Markets Logo


We made a simple VR player capable of controlling 40 headsets for a theatre that wanted to explore the use of VR in storytelling.

Art Project - VRinspired - Copenhagen - VR
Art Project - VRinspired - Copenhagen - VR

We developed a simple VR player for a Samsung tablet, which used a powerful wi-fi setup to cover over the entire theatre, and tested and adjusted the player in collaboration with MANND.

It turned out to be a truly great way to enhance the show!

Art Project - VRinspired - Copenhagen - VR

We are very grateful that MANND.dk let us participate and helped us push the limits of the possible.


We helped develop an MVP that integrate VR in anxiety treatment by using a tablet/headset for a startup in the health sector.


We delivered a tracking solution for the art project Anthropia by Makropol that allows visitors to walk around freely in a 300m² space, to interact with their environment, and to use a seamlessly tracked golf club.

We delivered a tracking solution for the art project Anthropia by Makropol that allows visitors to walk around freely in a 300m² space, to interact with their environment, and to use a seamlessly tracked golf club.

Tracking using Startracker - VR - Copenhagen

For this great art piece we developed a state of the art tracking system that mixed a “Startracker” system used for Hollywood film productions and a consumer HTC VIVE system.

It made it possible to walk around in full VR in 300+ m2 but also use the standard VR tracking.

We simply developed a method to walk between different tracking systems seamless!

The user could easy navigate and touch the real elements and use a real golfclub for a virtual golfball - initiating the various animations starting the 6 different 360 videos done by the artists.

Actually one of the experiences was seen lying down - a simple wish but complicated to solve - we made it simple enough for people to be in VR for almost 1 full hour!


One of our key goals is to explore the potential of using haptic feedback to support immersion, so we built a virtual weapon that radiates heat when it is loaded.


Mixing images from a real-world camera with a virtual world calls for lens distortion mapping. We have a solution for this too!

Correction for Lensdistortion is needed in virtual production when mixing real world with virtual world and its imperative that it is correct.

The field of view (FoV) is not enough to make the match - we also need the barrel distortion from the real lens put on top of the virtual image.

We use a fast data protocol carrying this data in our pipeline and the lensmapping file we make is a deep matrix with: FoV, focus, k1, k2, kn … but for starters just remember that FoV = 2* tan^-1 (1920/(2*fx_virtual)) - but dont worry we have you covered !